FestivalForGood Conversation 8: Sustainable Consumption: Making Your Dollar Count For Impact

Conversations is a series of talks and panel discussions as part of FestivalForGood 2020 on topics regarding the social enterprise sector, social impact, and doing good in Singapore. We hope to spread awareness about social enterprises and social issues in Singapore, as well as engage members of the public in meaningful discussions about how we can make Singapore a better place for all.

This conversation is organised as part of FestivalForGood 2020, Asia's largest celebration of Social Enterprises, and the social impact they created. More information on FestivalForGood can be found at https://www.festivalforgood.sg The virtual FestivalForGood is brought to you by raiSE, in partnership with DBS Foundation. South Beach Consortium is the virtual venue partner.

Conversation 8: Sustainable Consumption: Making Your Dollar Count For Impact

As consumers intentionally make more conscious choices in terms of their consumption habits, how does it translate to sustainable practices in our world today? What does it mean to be an ethical consumer and how do you identify with businesses who implement and practise these strategies? Introducing Social Enterprises - businesses for good with a double bottom line of social impact and financial returns. Consumers can be part of the good through voting with their dollar and supporting these businesses for good.

Who Will Be Speaking?

Moderator: Benjamin McCarron - Managing Director, Asia Research and Engagement
Benjamin McCarron started his career as a fund manager and transitioned to responsible investment 15 years ago. He founded Singapore-based Asia Research & Engagement (ARE) to address the gap in dialogue between global institutional investors and Asia's largest companies on sustainable development challenges. His work spans sustainable protein, energy transition, sustainable real estate and sustainable finance and investment.

Priyanka Shahra - Founder & Director, Swapaholic
Priyanka Shahra is the founder of Swapaholic, a pioneer omni channel fashion swapping platform, which was born to create a sustainable alternative for fashion lovers like herself to be able express their personal style without compromising our planet. Priyanka's passions lie in building sustainable urban solutions with the capacity to make it convenient for consumers to swap their mindsets and habits toward a more sustainable planet. Thus, Swapaholic's proprietary systems, operations and technology are focussed on making swapping convenient, accessible, affordable and scalable.

Emi Weir - Managing Director, Ma Té Sai
Australian-born, Emi Weir, has been residing in Luang Prabang since 2009. In 2010, the idea for Ma Té Sai, a fair trade store, was born to make the tourist dollar go further to those in need, and to village artisans. Ma Té Sai grew into a social enterprise. Now over 300 artisans, mostly women, in Laos are part of the company’s mission to support artisans through training and product development, whilst preserving traditional techniques, and sharing this to markets beyond. In 2018 Ma Té Sai incorporated in Singapore, and is an active member of The Green Collective.

Lim Wei Jie - Director, Foreword Coffee Roasters
Wei Jie is the Co-founder and Director of Foreword, a social enterprise with the mission to inspire the can-do spirit in every individual. Wei Jie graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a degree in Psychology and Foreword is his first foray into social entrepreneurship. He deals mainly with Human Resources in the company and is also the coffee roaster for the company. In his free time, Wei Jie enjoys running and reading a good book.

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